Consulting Services, Technical Resources

The Interim Executive Solutions Team represents a broad array of technical skills that can be accessed as part of our consulting services. Examples of problems addressed, processes developed and tools used during prior engagements include (but are not limited to):

  1. Sustainability Assessment
  2. Succession Planning
  3. Board Governance
  4. Strategic Planning & Facilitation
  5. Dashboard for Data Reporting & Mission Tracking
  6. Program Budgeting with monthly “plan vs. actual” reports
  7. Mediation & Conflict Resolution
  8. Technology Assessment
  9. Administration & Finance Review
  10. Strategic Restructuring, Consolidations, Partnerships
  11. Advisor Services for Staff Development
  12. Organizational Development
  13. Program & Performance Assessment
  14. Staff Training and Performance Improvement
  15. Merger & Acquisition Planning
  16. Planning & Maintenance for Facilities and Properties

Here are some specific examples of engagements:

  • Finance – Financial statement analysis for non-finance types
  • Planning – Basic strategic and annual operating plan development
  • Facilitation – Orchestrating retreats or workshops for Board members

  • Infrastructure Assessment – Determining unmet maintenance needs. Assessing value of physical assets owned to explore potential revenue opportunities
  • Mergers, Acquisitions or Collaborations – Helping Boards assess the potential for strategic partnering or consolidating services with another related organization.

Printable Overview of IES Services