Why Interim Executive Solutions

Interim Executive Solutions was founded to provide seasoned interim executives to nonprofit organizations in transition. We work for your nonprofit’s Board of Directors to fill a temporary executive vacancy and to help build the leadership capacity of your nonprofit for long-term stability.

Our team of nonprofit professionals bring specific skill sets that may help nonprofits solve a particular problem or establish a new tool or capability within their organization or among a network of organizations.

IES has over 75 Associates who are seasoned business leaders from a variety of different industry sectors and nonprofit organizations. Our nonprofit interim executive leaders can fill vacated Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, COO, CFO and other leadership roles at nonprofits. All IES executives bring a wealth of successful nonprofit leadership experience to their assignments, a history of senior level responsibility and accountability, management team-building skills, membership in the “IES support network” and access to an extensive “knowledge base” of for-profit and not-for-profit management best practices.

Because time is critical, IES is able to identify nonprofit interim leaders who are able to move into their assignments on extremely short notice. IES nonprofit executives are selected for their management style and code of conduct that guide their interactions with nonprofit Board, staff and the community at large. IES professionals are also technical resources with skills such as facilitating nonprofit Board retreats. IES does not perform search functions, however we partner with many nonprofit search firms to support their work in identifying appropriate, top-notch interim nonprofit leaders on your behalf.

Interim Executive Solutions offers Temporary Capacity with Permanent Impact

IES strengthens nonprofits by providing experienced nonprofit leaders to work within your organization for a limited time to assess the needs, build internal capacity, execute priorities strengthen operations and smooth transitions to permanent solutions.

Times of change, while potentially turbulent, are a rare opportunity to reassess a nonprofit’s operational and organizational strengths and challenges, affirm the organization’s sustainability, review progress towards strategic priorities, reengage the staff and board in support of the mission of the organization, and take key actions that are essential to achieving that mission.

Whether hiring a nonprofit Interim Executive Director, CFO/COO, development professional or a transition support consultant, IES works as a member of your team to solve your problems and help you grow.

Dedication to our clients’ success

Prior to an engagement, Interim Executive Solutions learns about the nonprofit organization, its current situation, its needs and any concerns and questions its leadership might have. During this process we determine whether the budget for the position is sufficient to compensate for the time needed to perform the required duties. We then select up to two candidates from our team of nonprofit professionals who have the background, temperament and availability. We arrange interviews with key nonprofit Board Members and staff as needed to establish the best fit.

Once an IES Associate is selected, IES will draft a contract for review by the client and the Associate with a scope of work that reflects the expectations of the board and Associate. Once agreed, a final version is sent for signature by all parties. The term of the contract can be extended or terminated on 14-day notice should a permanent be hired.

An IES Partner Liaison is also assigned to check in regularly with the interim leader and our client to ensure the assignment is going smoothly and to offer specialized expertise to supplement the organization’s capabilities if needed. IES will also invoice the client, typically once per month.

During the assignment our nonprofit professional will:

  • Interview key stakeholders to assess the current situation
  • Report on her or his assessment of the priorities that need to be addressed
  • Engage the nonprofit’s staff in developing and executing an action plan and monitoring progress
  • Provide perspective on longer-term needs of the nonprofit as input into the search for the permanent leader. Note that IES collaborates with nonprofit search firms but does not itself provide nonprofit search services.

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Whether you are planning a leadership transition or exploring issues of governance, succession or improved operating team effectiveness at your nonprofit, tell us your story. We may be able to provide insights and strategies to help you achieve your nonprofit’s goals. Email info@interim-exec.org, or call 1-855-INT EXEC (1-855-468-3932).


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