IES: Interim Executive Director Services

Interim Executive Solutions (IES) strengthens nonprofits by providing experienced leaders who work inside organizations as Interim Executive Directors for a limited period of time to assess organizational needs, build internal capacity, execute priorities, provide peace of mind and pave the way for the next permanent leader.

Leadership changes, while potentially turbulent, can be opportunities to reassess organizational strengths and challenges, review progress towards strategic priorities, reengage staff and Board in support of an organization’s mission, and focus on the key actions that are essential to achieving that mission.

Why Hire an Interim Executive Director

When staff turnover and dissatisfaction increases and/or the Board and funders are not getting the information or outcomes they need or expect, it may be time for a change in leadership. Whether planned or unplanned, transitions in leadership provide a narrow window during which a nonprofit can evaluate the degree to which the goals of the Board, the needs of the staff and the desired outcomes for the intended clients and other stakeholders are being met.

An effective, well-trained professional interim leader can:

  • Stabilize the organization,
  • Provide an objective assessment of current operations and governance,
  • Establish short-term priorities to strengthen the organization,
  • Empower and support the leadership team, staff and Board to implement short-term actions and create the conditions for long-term success.

By virtue of the nature of our interim leadership engagement process, IES Interim Executive Directors are well positioned to hear and process multiple perspectives on an organization’s current situation, act quickly and efficiently to address operational issues, and inform the search for the next permanent leader. 

How We Work

Prior to an engagement Interim Executive Solutions learns about the organization, its current situation, its needs, any concerns of the Board and key staff members and the specific expectations for an interim leader. During this process we confirm whether the organization has sufficient resources to compensate an interim for the time needed onsite to meet these expectations. We then select candidates from our team of professionals who have the appropriate background, temperament and availability to fill the interim role, and arrange candidate interviews with key Board Members and staff to establish the best fit.

Once one of our professionals is selected, a Partner Liaison is assigned to support the Interim Executive Director’s work throughout the engagement. We check in regularly with the Interim and our client to ensure the assignment is meeting the needs of the organization and, where appropriate, we provide specialized expertise to supplement internal capabilities.

During the assignment our professional will provide a written report to the Board on her or his assessment of the priorities that need to be addressed, undertake the appropriate actions, and provide input to the Board and/or a search firm regarding requisite skills and knowledge for the next executive leader.


At the conclusion of an assignment we expect to have stabilized the organization, strengthened staff, built system capacity and created an attractive opportunity for the next chief executive by laying a foundation for them to be able to achieve sustainable long-term impact. We communicate regularly throughout the interim assignment to ensure we are achieving the established goals, and we follow up once the Executive Director is hired to make the transition as smooth as possible. We are also available beyond our engagement to provide consultation, mentoring, facilitation and other support as needed.

Interim Executive Solutions

We are business and nonprofit professionals dedicated to strengthening the nonprofit sector by assisting organizations to increase their productivity and impact. Interim Executive Solutions is led by four partners, each with extensive experience as a leader in both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds: Sarah Bingman-Schott, Christian Dame, David Harris and Frank Reece. Together with our team of associates we bring broad experience as well as specialized expertise that can be accessed as needed by nonprofit organizations throughout New England, New York (including Upstate) and New Jersey.

Other Services

The skills and services that we provide in the context of interim leadership placement can also be accessed a la carte by organizations seeking to assess their sustainability, support current leadership and build internal capacity, or by groups of nonprofits seeking ways to collaborate in order to increase their collective impact and efficiency. Examples include:

  • Board engagement around governance, succession planning and crisis management
  • Organizational and program assessment and analysis
  • Leadership team mentoring and facilitation
  • Strategic business planning with a focus on establishing priorities and action plans
  • Targeted interventions regarding staffing, finance, development, marketing and more.

Contact Us

For a free consultation, or to learn more about our services and professionals, email us at, or call 1-855-INT EXEC (1-855-468 3932).

IES: Informing, Effecting and Supporting Nonprofit Transitions

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