Case Studies and Resources

Professional interim leadership case studies:

Helix: From challenge to triumph

  • The strategic interim placement was driven by in-depth finance and organizational strategy work, both aligning with Helix’s mission and their commitment to the community.

Dove: Improving culture to drive change

  • Dr. Lloyd actively encouraged open communication channels and implemented regular feedback mechanisms to ensure that every team member felt valued and heard

Congregational Library and Archive: Setting the stage for future leadership

  • Marty’s leadership acted as a catalyst for transformative decisions, which included, among other decisions, resetting the board’s committee structure to optimize processes, communications flow, and operability.


How IES works

IES leadership overview

Interim leadership and the search process

Successful nonprofits podcast 

American Nonprofit Academy Interim Leadership video

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Articles on interim leadership

Is an Interim Executive Director the Right Choice? (from Nonprofit Nav)

  • [an Interim ED] can provide continuity, objectivity, flexibility, experience, and support while searching for a new permanent leader

The Push and Pull: Declining Interest in Nonprofit Leadership (from The Building Movement Project)

  • “Investing in well-functioning (rather than dysfunctional) internal operations so that leaders have the ability to succeed without constant self-sacrifice.

Interim Executive Management: Seven Benefits to Consider (from Bridgespan)

  • “[interim EDs] can provide the board with more time to choose the best leader for the organization’s future. Organizations that employ transition consultants also can find numerous other potential benefits.”