How Our Interim Services Work

All Initial Consultations with Interim Executive Solutions (IES) are Free

  1. We listen to your Board and staff leadership to learn about your situation and to recommend services, if appropriate, that might assist in addressing your needs and challenges.
  2. We then reach out to selected IES Associates in our pre-qualified team that might be appropriate and available to provide the services needed. If there is a potential fit, we provide you with up to two Associate Profiles to consider for the engagement with no financial obligation.
  3. Whoever you designate in your organization can then interview these Associates, along with other candidates you might find in your network, to determine for yourself which individual and organization can provide the best service.
  4. If you select an IES Associate, IES will work with you and IES Associate to agree on the Scope of Work and a commensurate fee, covering both IES and the IES Associate. Where our interim services are replacing an existing role, we endeavor to reflect the anticipated budget for salary, taxes and benefits for the permanent role.
  5. IES will write a contract for signature by IES, your Board or staff leader and the IES Associate. These contracts typically have the flexibility to be extended or, if needed, terminated early, for instance when a great candidate to continue the work permanently is identified.
  6. Our IES Associate will provide the services agreed to, typically 3-4 days per week through a combination of on-site and virtual work, and will regularly partner with board and/or staff leadership to update them as to their assessment of the situation, and actions to be taken.
  7. An IES Partner Liaison will regularly check in with your leadership and our IES Associate to provide support and resources throughout the engagement and to ensure a successful outcome. Through our network, your IES Associate has access to a vast wealth of experience beyond their own. Your IES Partner Liaison can also recommend additional individuals or organizations to supplement our work.
  8. While we do not provide search services, we provide valuable input throughout the process and ensure that new hires are effectively onboarded and set up for success in their new roles.
  9. Enjoy the benefits of a stronger, more sustainable and more inclusive community as we Get You to What’s Next.


Contact us:, or call 1-855-INT EXEC (1-855-468-3932).