Unsolicited Client Feedback

“Just to share, that your firm “won” from amongst a pool of four firms.  The board really liked your business model–  The majority didn’t want to just hire, whether direct or through a search firm. The majority really liked that your Interim will come-in, keep our trains running, but also help us prepare our organization for the next, permanent ED. We like the idea of someone with strong financial background to help us understand our financial reality. And we look forward to the opportunity to work with the Interim and you, as Partner Liaison, to help us do an organizational assessment and help us figure out needs.”

“Your Associate brought a steadying presence to our organization at a time when we really needed it. His strategic vision has moved us forward.”

I would be remiss to not mention the absolutely terrific job your Associate has been doing for our organization. Bringing him on board as interim was absolutely the best possible decision. He brought stability, experience and leadership to our organization when it was needed the most, allowing the board to focus on the search for a permanent CEO. He brought organizational consistency to the day-to day-operations which took a significant burden off the the chair and the board. Just as important, his calm demeanor and savvy management skills helped the staff regain confidence in their work and a sense of appreciation for their efforts. We are most grateful for his skilled management which enabled the organization to seamlessly continue with the important work of its mission. Thank you for finding such a perfect match for the organization’s interim CEO needs.

“Let me add my deep appreciation for your skilled and steady leadership during this critical time for our organization and our field. I’m confident that you have laid a strong foundation for a successful leadership transition.”

“Thank you for laying out so clearly your analysis of the 3 stages of interim leadership and the different dynamics the interim ED has with board and staff, and in the 3rd stage, with the new incoming ED.  I have never thought about the interplay of these dynamics in such a systematic way, so thank you for laying them out, and reminding us that we must still continue to do the work until our new ED officially begins her time at our organization.  I and the board will continue to fully support you in this in the meantime.”

“You have been absolutely phenomenal and we really appreciate your communication style, engagement, support and more importantly transition assistance for this great organization.”

“Our organization has been so grateful to work with your Associate over the last months and thrilled with the progress we’ve made in righting the ship.”

“I know you have heard from your Associate about the successful (so far) application process that she has led for our organization. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work even harder and to have your Associate’s skills and leadership to help us. Someone else with less insight, patience, and hard work would not have brought us to the place we are today.”

“Thank you for providing our organization with your excellent service.”

“As I have previously indicated, we are very happy with your Associate’s work and support for our organization. Last week we advised your Associate that the Board of our organization decided to give her a year-end bonus.”

“We are grateful for the support that you and your Associate provided to our organization throughout the 2022 calendar year, as it was instrumental in enabling the organization to transition successfully from its founding Executive Director to a new permanent ED. We feel that we got everything we needed from your Associate and more, and that we are now well positioned to move forward on our own. I would recommend IES to others who might need interim executive services.”

“I speak for the entire Board of Directors when I say thank you for the enormous amount of hard work you have put in this year to keep our organization running during this challenging time. We’re so grateful for your efforts, and we know we could not have made it through without your hard work and commitment to our mission.”

“Your Interim COOs work was integral to helping us improve our revenue stream and operations overall.”

“Your Associate was such a great fit for our organization. He was instrumental in helping us get to the solid footing we’re on now.”

“My agency is a former client that had a great experience with your Associate as an interim Executive Director in early 2021.”