FAQs: Nonprofit Consulting Services

Our Interim Executive Solutions (IES) goal is to assist nonprofit Boards to achieve organizational success. We aim to help your nonprofit organization transform itself by building a solid platform of operations that will carry the organization into the future.

We do not do traditional consulting.  We provide Interim Executive Directors (IED) and we provide nonprofit mentoring/coaching and nonprofit advisory services for your nonprofit’s senior management team and Board of Directors. In addition, we engage in Problem Solving wherein we work closely with our nonprofit clients to help bring about the transformative results the client seeks (rather than leaving a report on the client’s desk to gather dust). Whether you need help with changing organizational culture, the change management process, strategic planning, resource management or some other organizational management or strategic management need, our nonprofit consultants can help.

Do you provide nonprofit consulting services in organizations where you are not providing IED services? 

Yes. We find that many of the skill sets we’ve developed as IEDs can convert to specific, targeted “products” (like a nonprofit information dashboard) or “projects” (like nonprofit development and grant writing assistance). These specific projects can make a big difference to an organization that has hit a “hot spot” and needs some targeted assistance.

How do you calculate the cost of the service?

IES will confer with your nonprofit to define the problem and we will recommend team members who may be most qualified and available to assist. The team member you select, along with IES partners, will develop a proposal estimating the length of time, the number of hours and the cost for the project.

What is the contracting process like?  Does our organization sign a contract with your firm for the nonprofit consulting services or with the individual nonprofit consultant?

Your organization will enter into an agreement with IES. The proposal submitted, or a modification of it approved by your organization, will be included as the “scope of services” portion of a consulting contract with IES.

What if we need one or several additional nonprofit experts during this engagement?

IES has a many highly qualified nonprofit specialists covering issues like coaching/mentoring, strategic planning, fundraising, facilitation/project management, change management, dashboard development, etc. These are available to the nonprofit consulting project engagement leader for short consultations and advice. Longer consultations would require a separate or amended contract. We also have a broad network of capable professionals in the nonprofit field and are happy to make recommendations with no fee to your organization.