Nonprofit Mentoring and Advisory to Build Capacity

Whether your nonprofit has a new senior staff person who can use a little support to ramp up their skills and effectiveness in a new role, or the existing senior leadership needs an opportunity to step back, reflect and regroup with an experienced guide, IES can help. We work with both individuals and teams at nonprofits to develop a highly effective organization and we work with nonprofit Boards of Directors to focus and organize their efforts in support of the organization and its mission.

Our goal is to help nonprofits build their internal managerial and Board capacity to achieve mission success, and to strengthen the organization’s capabilities by supporting the operating staff and the governance team of the nonprofit. However you prefer to refer to it — executive coaching, business coaching, management coaching, leadership coaching, or employee coaching — we are passionate about serving as a coach and mentor to a nonprofit organization’s leadership, staff, and Board to enhance leadership skills.

IES mentors work side by side with the nonprofit organization’s leadership, immersing themselves in the organization and identifying roadblocks to success. Mentors/coaches can thereby provide additional senior management level capacity and guidance to bring the nonprofit team to a new level of performance.

Printable FAQs on IES Advisory and Mentoring Services

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