Sandy Morander

Sandy Morander is a seasoned leader with an illustrious career spanning close to four decades within the YMCA and community sectors. With her hallmark approach of leading through cultural empowerment, Sandy has consistently fostered successful strategies that have left an enduring impact on the YMCAs and communities she has served.

Beginning her journey in senior leadership roles across five different YMCA associations, Sandy’s influence took root in Dallas and Boston before culminating in San Antonio. Her ability to champion organizational culture played a pivotal role in developing winning strategies that resonated with both YMCAs and their local communities.

In March 2011, Sandy assumed the role of President & CEO at the YMCA of Greater San Antonio, a position that became a testament to her transformative leadership. During her tenure, the YMCA experienced remarkable growth, expanding to encompass twelve branches, three early learning centers, a healthy living center, a ranch, and an impressive network of 56 after-school sites across five counties. Central to Sandy’s tenure was her resolute commitment to community well-being, demonstrated by her efforts to advance Y’s three core areas of focus and ensure equitable access by eliminating financial barriers.

Sandy’s dedication to community welfare was further underscored by her extensive volunteer contributions. Serving on the National YMCA Retirement Fund, YNAN Planning Committee and the National Employee Assistance Fund highlighted her commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals beyond her immediate purview.

Presently, alongside her husband Ron, Sandy leads The Morander Group, a boutique consulting firm renowned for its expertise in executive leadership services, strategic planning, and fostering collaborations. With a distinct focus on accessibility and inclusion initiatives, the firm’s reputation has grown synonymous with fostering positive change.

Among the esteemed entities benefitting from The Morander Group’s expertise are prominent organizations including CHEF, Science Mill, AVANCE San Antonio, Kronkosky Family Foundation, Speed-Ez, and several YMCAs across the country.

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