Margaret Della

Margaret Della specializes in providing interim executive and senior leadership services tailored to the needs of organizations. With over 20 years of experience, Margaret has demonstrated expertise in crisis management, leadership development, operations, and capacity building, all aimed at supporting communities in recovery.

In her recent role as CEO, Margaret successfully executed a comprehensive succession plan, guiding the organization through challenges while achieving significant milestones in revenue generation, management controls, and strategic partnerships. She has a proven track record of restructuring departments and systems to enhance efficiency and sustainability, leading organizations to improved outcomes across nonprofit, government, and higher education sectors.

Margaret’s leadership extends to managing large-scale events, including gala dinners and industry-specific conferences, with over 200 attendees. Additionally, she has a strong background in fundraising, having built transparent partnerships and secured substantial contributions from private foundations and individual donors, totaling $1.5 million annually.

With extensive experience in navigating New York City (NYC), New York State (NYS), and Federal contracting requirements, Margaret brings a deep understanding of regulatory landscapes to her consultancy work. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Management and is certified as an instructor in Emotional Intelligence. Moreover, Margaret maintains background clearances at the NYC, NYS, and Federal levels, ensuring compliance and trust in her engagements.

Margaret has served on several nonprofit boards of directors and leadership bodies from Newark to the Bronx, and continues to volunteer, contribute and actively support dynamic communities, including serving on the local community board.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Margaret finds joy in exploring new experiences, traveling, and zen moments with her family and pups. Her multifaceted expertise and commitment to excellence make her a valuable asset to organizations seeking strategic guidance and operational leadership.

LinkedIn: Margaret Della