Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is an accomplished CEO and Leadership Advisor who, for over two decades, led a community-based nonprofit organization’s long-term growth, success, sustainability, and succession planning. That organization continues to thrive today.

Marc is the recipient of prestigious leadership awards including the William James College Mental Health Humanitarian Award and Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation Heerwagen Award for Nonprofit Leadership.

As an Interim Executive Director, he enthusiastically and expertly guides an organization’s Board of Directors and staff through its initial turmoil and distress to financial and programmatic stabilization and improvement, and readiness for its future impact and leadership.  Questioning, listening and more listening, and analysis of the most pressing stress points with Board and staff leadership and then developing solutions that work take place in a timely manner.  Accelerating social, academic, economic and health equity are at the forefront in collaborating with the professional team, and central to performance impacts.

Marc’s Interim leadership approach also focuses upon Board engagement and implementing strategies for Board excellence, viewing that as a vital component to better organizational health.  Partnerships with family and community foundations and building and/or re-building stakeholder relationships are companion to the internal capacity building foci.  Marc’s focus on leadership development, mission sustainability, transitions and capacity building is present in his various leadership advisory roles to Executive Directors and Board leaders.

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