Laura Steinberger

Laura Steinberger is an operations and finance executive dedicated to helping
nonprofits navigate periods of change and growth: transitions in leadership, technology
innovation, geographic expansion, or shifts in financial resources. Drawing on experience as a
nonprofit executive, a professional investor, and an advisor to small business owners in
underserved communities, she develops nimble strategies to foster resilient and sustainable
organizations that can stay true to their missions. Her approach is grounded in collaborative
teamwork, financial fluency, and measurable impact.

She brings resourcefulness, adaptability and caring to nonprofit organizations. As Chief
Operating Officer for an educational nonprofit during the pandemic, she maintained the jobs
and dedication of all staff in the face of financial uncertainty. She also guided the organization’s
pivot from in-person to innovative online programs attuned to the special needs of remote
students and sponsors. The organization emerged with a stronger hybrid business model that
doubled program reach and added flexibility. She has experience opening new outposts and
merging nonprofits.

Two decades in the investment management industry honed her research and analytical
skills, particularly scenario-based financial planning. She oversaw publications on sustainable
investment that motivated investors, clients and corporations to consider alternate drivers of
long-term returns and risk mitigation including environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Her career started at software start-ups in Paris, France where she bridged cultural and
linguistic divides overseeing software localization and technical communications. She managed
change and cross-border collaboration, including acquisition by a multinational public
corporation and subsequent integration and scale benefits.
Laura graduated from Columbia University in New York City with both a Master of
Business Administration (Finance) and a Bachelor of Arts (Art History and French). She is
bilingual in French and conversant in Spanish.

Linked In: Laura Steinberger