Keith Dvorchik

Keith is known for team building, culture change, and his ability to create long lasting relationships with key stakeholders.  This includes working closely with the board of directors and various committees to identify their goals and objectives and the steps needed to achieve them.  His ability to craft relationships with the existing staff members offer the opportunity to learn from them about both the challenges and opportunities for the organization.  His proven ability to work with all parts of the organization, the board, senior management, and staff, to achieve long lasting organizational change.

Keith holds an BS in Accounting and an M.Ed. in Counselor Education/Rehabilitation Counseling from the Pennsylvania State University. He has been both a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) by the State of Florida and a Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC).  He has also been certified by the State of Florida as a supervisor for those seeking licensure as a Mental Health Counselor. He also taught Interpersonal Communications Skills at the University of Florida for more than 4 years.

Keith’s impact on organizations can been through the relationships that he built throughout his career that continue through today.  He remains close with former students, employees, and board members from throughout his career.

Keith married his wife Alison in 1998 and they live in Winter Park, FL (the Orlando area).  They have two adult sons, Evan and Matthew.

Keith enjoys spending time with his family, attending sporting events, the theater, concerts, and the beach.

LinkedIn: Keith Dvorchik