Jill Robbins-Jabine

The question at the heart of any social justice venture is this: how do we reimagine the status quo  through a just and equitable lens, creating value for all? Successful efforts do not operate in a vacuum.  Rather, they bring together myriad—often seemingly disparate—resources to develop innovative  solutions that generate necessary and sustained change. Changing the world is an audacious  goal. Developing the tools necessary to build effective systems for the world-changers is key. Passion  takes the leap of faith needed to shift a paradigm, but systems are the pathways by which the  passionate achieve their goals. 

Jill Robbins-Jabine is a dynamic, results-driven leader with demonstrated success in navigating  transitional environments. Jill achieves objectives based on clear assessment of identified needs,  resources, strengths, opportunities, and challenges. Her ability to engage all stakeholders, develop  effective operational ecosystems, foster productive problem-solving environments, establish  performance-driven systems, and move seamlessly between tactical and strategic efforts, is vital to her  success.  

After spending over twenty years in corporate America, Jill made an intentional segue into the nonprofit  sector, leveraging skills honed in private industry to drive social justice and community change. For the  past ten years, she served as CEO of YWCA Western New York, reversing 20+ years of revenue erosion  and mismanagement. Prior to that, she served in a variety of leadership positions for United Way of  Buffalo & Erie County. Jill’s leadership, insight, and unique perspective – as funder, provider and  administrator – have been recognized by her appointment to various local and State-wide advisory  boards and task-force initiatives.  

Jill holds a BS in Business, Management and Economics, and an MBA from the State University of New  York at Buffalo. She resides in Buffalo, NY with her husband, Bill, and their four-legged critters – Pierre, Josephine and Mr. Bean – who do their level best to keep them entertained and distracted from  missing their children, Zachary and Clio, who’ve both opted to pursue their educational and professional  endeavors in warmer climates.

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