Donna Lowry

Donna Lowry, MD is an executive/strategist with 30 years of experience in the nonprofit, education, and health care sectors. She has held leadership positions at the University of Pittsburgh, Hope College and Ready for School. Donna has developed a strong reputation around community-wide collaborations that leverage public-private partnerships. As a physician, she has designed outcomes based programming connecting health and education to community development and been instrumental in raising the funds to bring these programs forward. She has worked tirelessly to develop and implement programming that elevates issues of diversity, inclusion, equity, and access, particularly around children’s rights to quality education and healthcare. As a professional interim, her strategies resulted in a 27% increase in top line revenue and stabilized staffing in a private medical practice during COVID.

In 2021 she formed her consulting practice to advise and coach educational institutions, medical practices and community startups in matters of strategy, program development, collaborations, and funding.

She graduated from Wayne State School of Medicine, The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Hope College and has maintained a focus in public health at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

In addition to professional work, her mission to “awaken the possibilities in others,” prioritizes community-board leadership and mentoring young adults. She lives in Holland, Michigan with her husband, David, and has three young adult sons who live across the United States. Donna loves all things outdoors including hiking, biking, paddle boarding and dancing with family and friends. If friends are kindergarten age and younger, even better!

LinkedIn: Donna Lowry