Beth Barberree

Beth Barberree is an experienced management professional who  approaches even the most daunting and complex challenges with confidence and unflagging perseverance. Her background includes a unique blend of a Masters degree in Leadership, over 20 years as a small business owner, and various leadership roles with multiple organizations over decades. Her drive and passion earned her several senior positions on the Board side of the table and senior staff roles, particularly with health professional membership associations and within the social services sector.

Beth has unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence. She is proficient at strategic analysis and consistently utilizes strategic plans as a touchstone for operational management. She leverages highly developed business acumen to deliver process improvements, effectively implemented by creating space where all feel safe to collectively contribute to solutions. Her ability to identify process gaps and inefficiencies generate innovative solutions to complex organizational problems. Beth is adept at building powerful teams, establishing expectations, communicating vision, and monitoring performance to maximize effectiveness. She has also facilitated several board strategic planning sessions, where professional reports generate solutions-oriented dialogue with boards and development of realistic strategic objectives, goals, and work plans for successful implementation. Her ability to prioritize how the work in an organization gets done yields great results, consistently turning around operational chaos, financial deficits, fractured teams, and legislative compliance oversights.

Beth earned a Master of Arts in Health Leadership and holds multiple certifications in branding, marketing, design thinking, innovation, and management consulting. She began her career as a registered massage therapist and clinical director, later pivoting to partner with healthcare professionals as a management consultant. Beth proceeded to become the founding Chair and Executive Director of the Alberta Support Council for Massage Therapy after completing a degree in psychology. Her collaborative leadership style and conflict resolution skills stewarded a successful merging of competing clinical entry-to-practice examinations that eliminated redundancy and adversarial culture. More recently, as Executive Director for a national trauma recovery agency, she prioritized stakeholder relations and managed operations of multiple business centers nationwide, yielding significant growth in revenue and client impact. In her most recent role as Interim Executive Director for an established social services agency, Beth led profound transformation during her short time there. She liaised with the board, managed government relations, recovered team morale, and reestablished the organization’s financial health by shifting a 7 figure loss in the previous year to a break even budget in the current year.

Beth embraces values-based leadership to inspire and cultivate greatness in those around her. She has grown to recognize the ability to make a profound impact by quickly and effectively establishing authentic working relationships is her “secret sauce”. She was inspired to join Interim Executive Solutions to fulfill her passion for setting nonprofit organizations up for success by equipping and inspiring their people.

Beth currently lives in Wichita, Kansas. When not volunteering with her local HOA, she and her husband, Mark, enjoy traveling, spending time on the golf course, and have recently taken up pickleball.

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