Knowledge Base: Resources & Case Studies

Resources for Nonprofit Management:


Block, Peter            FLAWLESS CONSULTING



Burck, Bradley  CONQUERING NONPROFIT CHAOS  (Podcast series)

CompassPoint, Inc.

Egmont, Susan  Managing Leadership Transition for Nonprofits, Passing the Torch to Maintain Organizational Excellence, FT Press, 2011

Maryland Council of Nonprofits (checklists for transitions)

Massachusetts Nonprofit Network (checklists for transitions)

Social Enterprise Alliance

Transition Guides    LEADERSHIP TRANSITION GUIDES  (Silver Springs, MD)

Wolfred, Tim   BUILDING LEADERFUL ORGANIZATIONS:  Succession Planning for Nonprofits,


From Non Profit Transitions, Ruth McCambridge (Nonprofit Quarterly   112 Water Street    Boston,  MA   02109 ):

 On Organizational and Financial Sustainability

On Executive Transitions and Succession Planning

On Board Development

  • 7 Ways to Ruin Board Engagement by Board Effect
  • Don Tebbe, “Managing the CEO Transition:  The Board’s Tasks”   The six tasks outlined in the article are the framing for the new edition of the book, “Chief Executive Transitions: How to Hire and Support a Nonprofit CEO,” which BoardSource will publish this fall.  Interviewed a number of ETM/LC colleagues around the country, all of whom had a similar complaint:  the challenge of getting the board to see beyond the search, and plan for and manage the transition process.  By calling out the board’s transition management responsibilities as tasks, my goal is to put boards on point. To point out that, yes, you can focus only on the search, but you’ll be leaving the rest of these tasks undone and leaving the organizational change management to chance.
  • Annie B. Casey Foundation has online tool for Board Assessment, manually scored
  • UNH, Center for Nonprofit Management has online tool for Board Survey,  they score, free for nonprofits
  • HBSAB Governance Survey (private file)

Nonprofit Business Case Studies:

Finance & Accounting

Measuring the Financial Performance on Nonprofit Organizations: Text and Cases  by R. E. Herzlinger

 Dana Hall: Funding a Mission (A)  by F. Warren McFarlan, Herman B. Leonard and Melissa Tritter





New Profit Inc.: Governing the Nonprofit Enterprise  by Robert S. Kaplan

United Way of America: Governance in the NonprofitSector (A), The United Way  by Jay W. Lorsch

Beyond Dependence: Conceptualizing Information and Accountability in NGO-Funder Relations  by Alnoor Ebrahim

How Does Accountability Affect Mission? The Case of aNonprofit Serving Immigrants and Refugees   by Rachel Christensen and Alnoor Ebrahim

TIP:  Do Board Governance assessments using tools from Annie B. Casey Foundation or ….?


Human Resources




What Impact? A Framework for Measuring the Scale & Scope of Social Performance  by  Alnoor Ebrahim and V. Kasturi Rangan

Strategic Planning, Organizational Change

Mercy Corps: Positioning the Organization to Reach New Heights  by Allen S. Grossman and Caroline Joan King

Endeavor-Determining A Growth Strategy  by William A. Sahlman and Michael J. Roberts

Repositioning CARE USA  by  V. Kasturi Rangan and Katharine Lee

Grounded Visioning:  A Quick Way to Create Shared Visions by Jay W. Vogt, in,  vol. 26, number 4


Industry Specific

Nature Conservancy, The  by  Allen S. Grossman and Jane Wei-Skillern

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association  by  Allen S. Grossman, Jane Wei-Skillern and Kristin Lieb

Hospital for Special Surgery (A)  by  Regina E. Herzlinger

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