Ensuring your Nonprofit Mission Survives the Pandemic

Nonprofits are designed to have a mission or cause, the focus of what they doing. The day-to-day work, ideally, is in service of that mission. Sometimes, however, the focus becomes more about the organization itself than necessarily about the mission. The staff, the communities being served, and the funders are all important stakeholders that influence a nonprofit and its direction, so, particularly during the pandemic, it has been easy to lose focus on the purpose of the organization; the mission or cause.

To ensure long term survival, and indeed the opportunity to thrive, thereby saving as many jobs as possible and delivering the intended services, executive leadership and board members need to take a step back and recommit to keeping the mission in the center of the decisions being made by the nonprofit.

This podcast, featuring our Managing Partner David Harris, shares some perspectives on how to ensure your mission survives the pandemic.

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