Nonprofit Survival in the Era of Covid 19

Dateline 3-19-20: The next few weeks are going to test us all and will require very challenging decisions we would never dream of having to make under normal circumstances. For many nonprofits the initial instinct for survival may mean minimizing unnecessary costs, no matter how unpleasant such decisions may be. On the other hand, this may be a time to critically review programs, assess resilience and sustainability, and envision new ways to achieve your mission.

As many people have time on their hands and are captive audiences as they wait out Covid 19, it may even be the time to test new strategies for getting the visibility and financial support your organization needs. This recent webinar regarding fundraising in a time of Covid 19 presented some creative, easily executed ideas to consider:

No doubt other organizations have innovative ideas to share and we welcome your thoughts so that we can share them with other nonprofits that might benefit.

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