In 2021 we got almost 20 nonprofits to what’s next

2021 has been the most inspiring year yet for our interim leadership team and we are proud to share that our Associate, Sarah Bingman Schott, has recently become an IES Partner as we continue to grow.

Last year we had the privilege of working with almost 20 nonprofits throughout New England and New York, many of which extended our engagement so that we could better prepare their organization for a new leader. Moreover, our team of experienced interim leadership Associates has more than doubled as individuals and nonprofits are recognizing more and more the value of having an interim leader work with the board to assess and strengthen their organization, make it more attractive to a new leader, and get them to what’s next.

Some of the common areas we addressed in these engagements as interim EDs and CFOs included:
–    Clarifying roles and responsibilities and empowering leadership teams
–    Ensuring the financial health of the organization and adapting programs to changes in funding
–    Implementing policies and procedures to improve HR, IT and other core functions
–    Helping boards clarify their vision for the organization
–    Developing metrics for boards to track progress
–    Creating a profile of the ideal candidate for the next leader as input into the search
–    Ensuring a smooth transition with clear priorities for the organization going forward.

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