Interim Executive Solutions: Nonprofit Leadership Transition Specialists


  • Are you informed as to how well your nonprofit is working?
  • When was the last time you assessed the sustainability of your nonprofit organization, its mission and its operations?
  • Does your nonprofit have a succession plan in place?
  • Could your nonprofit organization continue to provide effective services during a planned or unplanned transition or crisis?
Our nonprofit consulting and advisory team provides objective assessments of nonprofits, their mission sustainability, governance, operations and leadership. From this analysis we can help your Board develop strategies to strengthen your nonprofit organization, a transition plan for the future and priorities that should be undertaken to prepare for what may come next. Learn more


  • Is your nonprofit's Board able to effect needed change during transitions?
  • When might you need to hire an external nonprofit interim executive or leader?
  • Do you need to increase the engagement of your nonprofit's Board, support the staff and shore up operations?
  • Is your nonprofit organization ready to attract highly qualified professionals?
Each member of our nonprofit consulting and advisory team is experienced in quickly understanding the culture and operating principles of a nonprofit organization, connecting with stakeholders, establishing priorities and working with staff and Board to act on the most pressing issues. Moreover, one of our Partners stays with you throughout the entire engagement to ensure you have all the expertise and support you need. Learn more.


  • Are your nonprofit's professionals supported to be able to perform at their best?
  • How can you strengthen and stabilize your nonprofit organization's leadership team?
  • Is the vision for your nonprofit clear to all stakeholders and aligned to your action plans?
  • Do you have the necessary information, resources and partnerships to achieve your nonprofit's mission long-term?
We are business and nonprofit professionals dedicated to strengthening the nonprofit sector by assisting organizations to increase their productivity and impact. Our experts provide mentoring/coaching, facilitation/project management, and support services to nonprofit Boards and staff leadership focused on your long-term sustainability. Learn more.