Nonprofit Consulting Services

Leveraging the expertise of our practitioners, Interim Executive Solutions offers a number of nonprofit technical resources and nonprofit consulting services to our nonprofit clients. Our nonprofit consulting firm’s services can be provided individually or as part of comprehensive programs such as:

Nonprofit Sustainability Assessment

An independent organizational review, gathering input through staff, nonprofit Board member and stakeholder interviews and analyzing key measures of stability and impact, that will surface and prioritize issues that should be addressed in order to stabilize and strengthen the nonprofit organization. This review will also inform the Board as to whether the nonprofit would benefit from additional temporary capacity and professional expertise to address time sensitive tactical and strategic needs.

Nonprofit Transition Planning

An effective transition plan ensures that there are well-defined roles and responsibilities in the event of an unexpected crisis or an anticipated departure at a nonprofit organization, and that the steps needed to prepare the board and staff for a new leader are clear. This process will inform the nonprofit Board as to whether internal candidates are ready for larger leadership roles and what roles may need to be back-filled as a consequence. Where a highly qualified successor is not immediately available, a nonprofit transition plan can assess whether an internal appointment could effectively fulfill the interim role or whether the organization would benefit from additional capacity and professional expertise to address time sensitive tactical and strategic needs.

Nonprofit Interim Executive Directors and Leader Placement

When professional nonprofit interim leadership is appropriate, IES can provide seasoned professionals who have the requisite skills and knowledge and will fit the culture of your nonprofit organization. Our process includes learning about your nonprofit’s needs, carefully identifying candidates from our pool of experienced professionals, and, should you select one of our associates, supporting your nonprofit Board and the Interim Executive Director throughout the entire engagement. The goal is to ensure that your nonprofit maximizes the opportunity presented by the transition of leadership.

Nonprofit Facilitation, Project Management, and Support

Through our team of professionals and our network of partners, IES provides resources to address specific nonprofit needs such as:

  • Reviewing and revising a nonprofit’s strategic plan,
  • Assessing nonprofit Board governance,
  • Putting in place nonprofit financial and nonprofit operating policies, nonprofit processes and nonprofit reporting,
  • Developing nonprofit marketing and nonprofit fundraising strategies,
  • Improving nonprofit human capital management and
  • Consulting on many other aspects of your nonprofit’s operation.

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