Karin Sabey

 Leading organizations for more than twenty years, Karin has earned a reputation for:

  • possessing a keen understanding for the intersection of people and business needed to drive transformation and improved operations
  • transforming operations using robust needs assessments and tactical process improvement
  • improving fiscal sustainability and managing budgets upward of $55M
  • developing leaders through coaching and succession planning
  • inclusive, transparent and inspiring people leadership of teams up to 350
  • exceptional communication and interpersonal skills with high EQ
  • community building and forging meaningful partnerships
  • demonstrated expertise in regulatory body and grant compliance
  • centering the big picture while maintaining tactical oversight of day-to-day operations
  • the calming presence needed to lead businesses and people through times of transition and extreme stress

 Confident strategic leadership ensured uninterrupted operations after the sudden departure of numerous senior leaders at Equitas Health. Karin initiated and led a strategic organizational restructure, while ensuring service delivery continuity during a time of extreme stress for the organization. Her confident and calm leadership resulted in reduced employee turnover, stabilization of the patient experience, restored trust of critical stakeholder relationships, and decreased regulatory risk.

Periods of transition are particularly comfortable for Karin. She skillfully transforms the anxiety surrounding change into momentum that inspires action towards a shared vision of success. This strength has been highlighted during several founder transitions. Karin has repeatedly used her confident, collaborative style to build trust, improve employee retention, and improve operational efficiency and outcomes.

Team building and staff development were critical needs Karin successfully addressed upon taking the helm during a series of mergers for Vivent Health. She quickly evaluated operations, made strategic staffing changes, and employed a thoughtful change management process to successfully acclimatize staff and improve patient experience. Karin assembled, led and developed a team of seven individuals to become a cohesive and coordinated director team, and solidified her reputation as a trustworthy community partner and advocate through appointment to numerous community planning boards and taskforces.

Strategic budget development and financial sustainability have been a primary focus throughout Karin’s career. She employs a proven methodology that combines reducing costs through process improvement, increasing revenue through new payers and funders, and careful attention to employee engagement and customer experience. Such skills were on display in Pittsburgh when Karin led a strategic evaluation and resulting work plan needed to successfully grow market share and increase earned revenue by 150% in one year.

Operational strategy expertise has allowed Karin to consistently deliver when it comes to developing and executing initiatives that optimize operational efficiency and drive sustainable growth. Visionary leadership and a results-oriented approach have allowed Karin to successfully navigated diverse industries, consistently delivering impactful solutions that enhance organizational effectiveness. With a commitment to innovation and a focus on continuous improvement to best meet the needs of the people served.

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