Gloria Franqui

Gloria Franqui Gloria Franqui has over 25 years of nonprofit leadership, capacity building and management experience. Her passion is to help nonprofit organizations achieve their full potential by supporting their leaders, building social relevance and impact, and improving overall effectiveness.  With more than 15 years of C-suite leadership experience, she has the expertise to quickly assess an organization’s internal and board operations, and identify and implement critical improvements to remove barriers to an organization’s success.

Gloria has held senior management positions in several human services and health organizations, including serving as chief executive officer. Through her leadership, business growth strategies, and management skills, she successfully transformed a financially struggling human services organization in central MA reversing operating income losses that had mounted for 26 years. She returned the agency to neutral cash flow in three years. During her ten-year tenure as CEO, Gloria increased profitability and name recognition, resulting in a 215% growth in operating income. She also raised almost $10 million in contributions, state contracts and donated services.

Gloria has also served as Interim Executive Director for two organizations:  the New England Hemophilia Association in Dedham, and the Child Care Resource Center in Cambridge. In deciding to hire an interim, both of these nonprofit boards signaled to key stakeholders that they had deliberately set aside time between the departing executive and a new executive to stabilize the organization, address important systems and capacity issues, re-engage with key individuals, and ensure that the best and most relevant programming continued in the communities served. They also wanted to use this important transition period to lay the groundwork for the new executive’s recruitment and success. 

Gloria defines success by achieving identified objectives and leaving behind a re-energized board and staff that possess the capacity and resources to steward a sustainable organization. 

Her skills include:

  • Board development and governance
  • Not-for-profit management and leadership, and turnaround services
  • Organizational assessment, planning and restructuring
  • Strategic planning for growth and innovation
  • Marketing and communications development

Gloria brings a high level of energy to all her endeavors that is fueled by the satisfaction she receives from helping organizations regain or sharpen their focus, make more of their resources, and achieve their mission more effectively. Combining her strengths with those of the teams she guides, she has successfully improved interactions with boards and staff, and has assisted in transforming organizations into efficient and revitalized forces in the world of human services.

Gloria received a Bachelor of Science from City University of New York – Herbert H. Lehman College, New York, NY and  her Master’s of Science in Social Services from Boston University School of Social Work.

LinkedIn: Gloria Franqui